The five most useful design blogs you should follow


Design blogs help you to learn about the latest trends in design, new technologies used and much more. You will get to know about various events that are taking place and get thousands of design ideas. Here are some of the most useful design blogs that you must follow.

1. Designrfix


This is a great blog for web designers. You will get useful articles every day. You will find out new ways of being more productive in your work and also new methodologies and frameworks to design a website.

2. Web Design Ledger


It is a great blog that web designers can use as a reference. You will get many interesting blog posts on graphics and web design. You will read interviews of some of the top design professionals. This blog has a huge resource of recommended books to read on design.

3. Yanko Design


This blog showcases excellent examples of modern industrial design, interior design, fashion, and architecture. You will learn about the modern gadgets and tools used in design. If you are looking to create futuristic products, then this blog is a must read.

4. Design You Trust


It is a one-stop platform for art and design ideas. You will find many design posts to inspire you every day. The blog covers topics such as graphic design, fashion photography, makeup, interior decorating, etc.

5. Inhabitant


This is a blog for those who are looking for eco-friendly designs. You will get thousands of green design ideas in this blog. It covers physical products, technology, architecture, and fashion. It is an ideal blog for those who want to build an environment-friendly future.

Whether you are a web designer, interior designer, fashion designer or an architect, these blogs will give you many inspirational ideas to create your next design.