Art hacks and drawing tutorials

Being an artist requires a lot of skill, patience, and most importantly practice! So in this video, we wanted to help all artists master their craft and start creating masterpieces!

For example, in the first video, we show you how to draw awesome anatomy drawings and how to correctly illustrate the proportions of a human body! You start by dragging straight lines to draw an hourglass figure instead of illustrating the outline altogether!

In addition, we show you how to draw realistic lips by using a simple anatomy technique where you draw 2 circles side by side as the bottom lip and then one circle in the middle on top as the top lip! We also show you how to shade the lips in the video!

Hair can be very difficult to master especially curls! So we also demonstrate a step by step tutorial ok how to draw realistic curls by dragging to parallel lines as guides! Then, you keep shaping the curls as we show you in the video and finally you add the shading at the back to give your drawing more dimension!

For those who are trying to learn how to draw a portrait then follow our drawing tutorial! Instead of drawing a circle outline like we all used to do as kids, draw a circle and then drag a divider line from the middle of the circle going underneath! Then, draw a horizontal line from one side of the circle to the other side and add 4 small dividers as we show in the video to position the eyes nose mouth and chin! Then follow your guides to draw a realistically proportionate face as we did!

For those who love doodling, we show you an amazing doodle exercise to help you improve your artwork and imagination! He demonstrates how to illustrate an object using its words! This one is ideal if you like to exercise your graphic design skills or help your children understand spelling while still having fun!

Watch our whole video to discover an amazing painting hack using a lightbox and understand how to draw anything using circles!
0:07 – How to draw the female body
0:48 – How to draw lips
2:07 – How to draw a portrait
3:09 – How to draw an eye
3:41 – How to draw animals using letters
5:31 – Cute finger painting
6:25 – Cool drawing technique
6:56 – How to make a lightbox to paint
7:41 – How to draw anything (circle)

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