Memories of Porto


Memories of Porto

[By Veronica Lawlor in Porto, Portugal] Porto, that beautiful city in Northern Portugal, and host to the Urban Sketchers Symposium in July. What a magical place and a wonderful experience. A ton of work was waiting for me upon my return to New York City, and I’m only just now able to begin scanning my drawings. Thank you to all who participated in my workshop; here are few reportage illustrations of my Memories of the City:


 The life lived in public was something that really struck me about Porto. Residents hang out on balconies, loiter in doorways, and sit out at cafes, talking and interacting with each other in a way that made me reminisce about a New York City of my own personal memories that is in many ways long gone.


The urban lover in me reveled in the energy, the excitement, the sounds, the colors, the patterns, the laundry, the stacked up satellite dishes, the boats in the river, the motorcycles, the bicycles, the vendors, the cafes, the smells, the hustle and the busy-ness of it all.
Vibrant Porto!


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