Zero to Hero with iPad+Procreate-Santa Monica, USA


Zero to Hero with iPad+Procreate-Santa Monica, USA



Zero to Hero with iPad+Procreate


Workshop Information

10am – 5pm (with a 1-hour break for lunch)
Saturday 16 September, 2017
Santa Monica, USA

Instructor: Rob Sketcherman


Workshop Description

Sketching and painting on an iPad is relatively new. Artists, illustrators and creatives of all stripes around the world have been turning to Procreate to conceptualize, sketch and paint on their iPads, and now you can too.

Like any tool or medium, there is a learning curve, so this workshop is structured in small steps to get you comfortable with Procreate through a series of demonstrations and exercises. Consisting of two 3-hour sessions over a single day, Zero to Hero with iPad+Procreate is a carefully-paced immersive deep-dive, designed to get you up and creating art on your iPad, even if you’ve never dabbled in digital drawing before.
You’ll learn to understand the user interface and best practices for available tools. Discover gloriously juicy brushes and rich organic textures, all without having to clean another brush or pen!

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a very clear idea of the potential of Procreate + your iPad as a fantastic mobile digital studio for doodling, visualizing, sketching on location and a whole lot more. Print samples will be shown so you know how screen translates to paper.

Time to sketch on location is liberally integrated into the workshop so you can begin to master skills learned, ask questions and get guidance as you work. You’ll leave Zero to Hero with iPad+Procreate feeling much more confident about whipping your iPad out whenever inspiration strikes!


Workshop Learning Goals

Working digitally is relatively new, even for very advanced sketchers, so this workshop is designed to help you get really comfortable with Procreate, especially if you’re new to digital sketching. You can expect to:

  • See how to customize the interface for whether you’re right or left-handed
  • Collate your favorite digital tools for easy access
  • Learn to customize digital brushes
  • Create infinite palettes of custom color
  • Think in layers for ultimate flexibility
  • Understand how your work goes from screen to print
  • Learn to handle the 3 challenges of sketching digitally on location: glare, power and weather
  • Explore various helpful accessories; styli, cases, tablet holders etc
  • Adapt your analog style to digital media

Workshop Location

This workshop will be held in a space in Santa Monica. More details and the exact location will be emailed to participants.

Workshop Schedule


Session One: 3 hours total (10am-1pm)


Introduction and Gear (10 min)

Introduction of the instructor and potential of Procreate. Discussion and demonstration of helpful gear and accessories, especially styli and tablet holders.

Getting to Know Procreate (60min)

A series of demonstrations and quick exercises will familiarize participants with Procreate and its interface. They will then learn how to customize important settings, set up favorite tools for optimal use, see what effects are possible, and learn to create their personal digital toolkits.

The Digital Workflow (20min)

Participants use what they’ve learned to do some quick 5-min sketching exercises that help cement the concept of a digital workflow. This prepares them for sketching outdoors on location.

We will also look at print samples and preparing your artwork for print.

Sketching Exercises (50min)

Participants apply what they’ve learned and sketch while the instructor goes among them to offer guidance. The session ends with a review of work, sharing and Q&A.



SESSION TWO : 3 hours total (2-5pm)


Replicating Analog styles in Digital Media (20min)

Most users of Procreate want to know how they can get the look of their favorite traditional mediums before exploring other aspects of digital potential. This segment explores the most common media styles and how to replicate them digitally. We then look at ways to go beyond that.

Advanced tools in Procreate (20min)

Demonstrations and exercises to introduce participants to advanced tools in Procreate for various purposes, including useful layer effects, object manipulation, rendering accurate perspective, lettering & calligraphy.

Sketching on Location (140min)

Participants apply what they’ve learned and sketch while the instructor goes among them to offer guidance. The workshop ends with a review of work, sharing and Q&A.

Workshop Registration and Cost


Workshop Fee: $110 (lunch not included)

Please contact Louisa at for space availability and PayPal link.

Maximum number of participants 15 (minimum 10) All levels welcome
*In the event of too few registrations, all monies will be refunded less Paypal Fees.

*Please note: cancellations up to September 1, 2017 will be refunded the full amount minus a cancellation fee of $15.00, and no refunds will be granted after that date. Thank you for your understanding.

Supply list

  1. An iPad (iPad Air or newer highly recommended. You will probably be frustrated with the performance of anything older.)
  2. Preinstalled Procreate app (USD5.99 or equivalent on the iOS App Store)
  3. A stylus (You may use any stylus, although I highly recommend one that supports pressure-sensitivity.)
  4. A stool / chair for sketching if you have one.
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Sun protection: Hat / umbrella

You’re also welcome to email questions to


About the Instructor

Rob Sketcherman is an artist and illustrator from Hong Kong who has been using the iPad exclusively as his creative device for the past 4 years. He is one of the 5 administrators of Urban Sketchers Hong Kong. While not sketching on the streets, he handles illustration commissions of all kinds, and is occasionally asked to speak, demonstrate and run workshops on his artistic and professional work on the iPad, including at Apple and educational institutions.





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